Based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, our company sets the highest quality standards – not only in terms of design, but also with respect to realising our customers’ individual wishes. Each ring is individually  produced in Schaffhausen; preferences concerning the choice of materials, the width of the ring or the diamond setting are gladly implemented by our highly skilled craftsmen. To Furrer-Jacot, compelling and timeless design is just as important as “traditional” values, such as an inspiring working environment for our experienced specialists and the use of top-quality materials. Furrer-Jacot uses only the most precious metals, such as gold, platinum and palladium, for its jewellery. Both platinum and palladium are alloyed to a purity of 95 % (Pt 950, Pd 950), and gold – probably the most traditional precious metal – to a purity of 75% (Au 750). These concentrated, dense materials and special platinum, gold and palladium alloys are completely nonporous and provide an extraordinarily comfortable fit. We procure our alloyed base metals from specialised companies, and our diamonds are supplied exclusively from controlled sources.

Furrer-Jacot verarbeitet nur edelste Metalle wie Gold, Platin oder Palladium. Sowohl Platin als auch Palladium werden mit einem Feingehalt von 95 Prozent legiert (Pt 950, Pd 950), und Gold – das wohl traditionellste Edelmetall – findet sich mit einem reinen Goldanteil von 75 Prozent (Au 750) in unseren Schmuckstücken. Diese verdichteten, hochwertigen Edelmetalle und die speziellen Platin-, Gold- und Palladiumlegierungen garantieren Porenfreiheit und ein angenehmes Tragegefühl. Die legierten Basismetalle beziehen wir von spezialisierten Betrieben, Diamanten ausschliesslich aus kontrollierten Quellen.


Using these top-quality base materials, Furrer-Jacot produces all pieces to the exacting specifications of its chief designer. The Furrer-Jacot team is characterised by a complete chain of professional craftsmen, from designers and model-makers to goldsmiths, stone setters, lathe operators, polishers and engravers. This ensures that all production steps are performed by specialised craftsmen at our own facility in Schaffhausen. Drawing on our unique knowledge of traditional handicraft passed down over generations, and employing the most innovative techniques, we fashion precious and unforgettable jewellery. Individual “Swiss-made” production, strict ethical standards and the best service: these key values are reflected in our work. This enables the house of Furrer-Jacot to provide servicing and a warranty that go far beyond the usual. Furrer-Jacot imparts a breath of permanence to your most precious moments. We thus wish you great joy in the selection of your personalised pieces, which will accompany you for a lifetime.


Unique: Furrer Jacot, manufacturer of Swiss wedding bands, made for a lifetime

With the claim of individuality, authenticity, creativity and exclusivity, Furrer Jacot has become a leader in creating diamond rings, carbon fibre rings, wedding bands and engagement rings industry, creating unique and individual wedding bonds of love.

We recommend registering your carbon or wedding ring after purchase. You will receive access to complimentary verifying and polishing services for your favourite piece of jewelry.

Furrer Jacot rings bear the label of the highest quality for rings and offer a lifetime warranty. Trust our complete manufacturing process of the wedding ring designers, turners, goldsmiths, gem-setters, polishers and engravers as well as our knowledge that is based on the experience of several generations.